If you’re a borrower struggling to stop yourself getting further into debt, then FreeMe can help. FreeMe is a free online database you can choose to be on, that lets registered lenders know you do not wish to obtain any more credit. It’s a chance to push pause on your lending ability – whether that’s so you can sort out your current financial situation, or because you may be at risk of taking on more debt due to addictions or mental health needs.

Lending companies and budgeting and social service agencies can register with FreeMe. For lenders, this free database adds another tool to your client checks, and can help you meet your obligations as a responsible lender. For agencies, FreeMe can be offered to clients as an option to help them on their path to financial wellbeing.

FreeMe is, and always will be, free. We want to reduce any barriers to its use, in order to enable as much access as possible. Our philosophy is, ‘no fees, no excuses.’

You can find out more about FreeMe here.

FreeMe has been developed by the Lending Matters network and Holley Innovations.