Podcast Links & Resources

Below are all the links to information discussed in our All Things Money podcast.

Episode 11: The Credit Contract & Consumer Finance Act

More info on the CCCFA

MoneyHub’s review of Afterpay

A rundown on disclosure of information

The Commerce Commission’s complaints page

The Financial Service Providers Register – for dispute resolution

The homepage for the CCCFA amendment bill

Episode 10: The Psychology of Money

The Sorted money personality quiz

One theory about how our spending motivations

Debtors’ Anonymous NZ

Episode 9: Goal Setting & Budgeting

SMART goal setting

Episode 8: Gerry O’Farrell, St. Francis of Assisi Trust, & Paul Barham, Catholic Social Services

Catholic Social Services Dunedin

St. Francis of Assisi Trust Dunedin

Episode 7: Meal Planning

Otago Food Costs Survey

Love Food Hate Waste